Sunday, November 8, 2009

Once upon a time I was a blogger.

Or at least I was a girl who sometimes posted on a blog.

And then one day, I became a girl who teaches.

And no longer a girl who posts on blogs.

It's not that I've forgotten, nor that I've lost my desire. 

But you see, right now I'm a girl who is very, very tired. 

And I keep waiting for my energy to return to normal levels.

In my dreams I have energy. My lessons are perfectly planned. My class assignments are done weeks in advance. I never miss a day of exercise and I always have fresh, home-cooked, healthful meals. I have extra time to read classic novels and study deep doctrinal truths, practice the piano and fiddle around with my camera. I don't forget to buy stamps for 5 consecutive days and that check on my desk actually made it to the bank. I don't fall alseep on my knees. I make it to the temple once a week. I make time for the people who matter the most and keep in good touch with all those I care about. Yes, in that dream my hair is perfectly coifed and my clothes neatly pressed and I most certainly don't have dark circles under my eyes.  

Now if only I could wake up.